Recent changes to this wiki:

Remove phone number
This number no longer works or we don't want to publish it...
Fix address
We no longer live at 99 for some time now.
Fix links to PDFs
These are no longer GZIP compressed.
Replace gziped PDFs by unzipped variants
These will hopefully still be compressed in transit by Apache.
Update address
Fix typo
root.pem -> root.crt
Add Durcheinandertal Root CA
Make postal address a block
Update my postal address
fix typo
add links to Debconf 9 video
fix typo
add presentation slides from DebConf 9
Add redirect from lizentiatsarbeit to thesis
This makes the link published in the printed version work again.
Fachprogrammsarbeit über Assessments hinzugefügt
add title and fix spelling
* translate page about the thesis to english
* add datasets
* add scripts
update paragraphs about my free software activites
Add additional information about my projects
- add links to my Free Software activities
- add some preliminary content about my master thesis
- add contact mailaddress
change h1 formatting
* add more space before heading
* use bold font
emphasize my name
add local css file
* start with a modified version of actiontabs.css from the ikiwiki
css market
Add some content to the startpage
* add my address
* add introductionary text
initial commit